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Help children succeed at school by using techniques to boost learning, say the experts…

If you want your child to get to the top of the class, it’s not nearly as simple as just encouraging them to work hard. Parents can play a huge role in helping their kids to fulfil their academic potential, and advanced learning expert Professor Deborah Eyre and education journalist Wendy Berliner, authors of the book: Great Minds and How to Grow Them, believe they know just what parents need to do. • Remember , IQ isn’t fixed Eyre and Berliner explain the latest neurological and psychological research shows most children are capable of reaching the high levels of performance previously associated only with the gifted and talented. They stress that IS and potential isn’t fixed – evidence shows it can be grown, and the key is developing the right learning attributes and attitudes. Berliner says: “The vast majority of children could do really well at school, but unless parents play their part and help them learn the habits of high performance, they’re far less likely to get there.” • Parents can give kids a flying start The pair has studied how top students learn, and how this learning can be replicated by virtually all children. “The home is at the heart of this learning revolution,” Berliner stresses. “Parents are a child’s first and longest serving teachers –give your children a flying start at school with proven ways to boost learning. “And keep things enjoyable – evidence shows children who do well at school have warm relationships with their parents.”

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